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All That's Foul, All That's Stained...

...Breeding In My Toxic Brain

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I'm a fun, quirky Mount Holyoke student with a deep love for P.G. Wodehouse. I joined mainly to post Jeeves/Wooster fic, but I may post some other stuff, too. If life were a comic book, I'd probably be an antihero: a generally good person with a fascination with the dark side. I wish life were a musical so that everyone would randomly burst into song and dance numbers. I'd like to bring back tails, waistcoats, and evening gowns, but keep the minority and women's rights. I'm probably one of the few liberal, environmentally conscious rednecks that you will ever meet. I have a surplus of intelligence but, at times, a lack of sophistication. I want to run for Congress one day, and write a best-selling novel on another day. (I mean, come on: what are the odds of a double-whammy like that on a single day?) Sometimes I live in Texas and sometimes in Massachusetts, but I always reside in the vast fantasy-world of my mind.